MKC Associates
MKC Associates was founded in 2005 by Mary Kay Christopher.  Mary Kay Christopher is a former General Manager of Service Planning for the Chicago Transit Authority.  With 25 years experience at the CTA, Ms. Christopher is skilled in all aspects of Operations Planning.  As General Manager of Service Planning, she was responsible for the planning and design of all bus and rail services at the Authority.  In this position Ms. Christopher implemented changes that improved operations and increased capacity of the system.  In addition to Service Planning, Ms. Christopher also managed the market research efforts of the Authority.  She directed the collection of market research data including information from surveys and focus groups.  Early in her career, Ms. Christopher recognized the need for basic customer statistics and managed the creation of CTA’s bus ridership database.  To further the Authority’s goals to improve customer information, she directed efforts to design and implement improvements in data collection systems and analysis tools.  Ms. Christopher was also responsible for providing recommendations on fare policy as well as facility and equipment investment plans.

Mary Kay Christopher