MKC Associates


Reconnecting Neighborhoods
Client: Regional Transportation Authority, Chicago
Prime Consultant: HNTB Corporation 

The purpose of this project is to identify opportunities for improvements in the transit system, as well as for transit-oriented development, in three former Chicago Housing Authority sites, which are being redeveloped into mixed-income communities.  This effort is funded through the Regional Transportation Authority’s RTAP program.  The role of MKC Associates is to assess current transit services and explore potential transit improvements.  MKC Associates will prepare recommendations for enhanced transit services, infrastructure improvements and implementation strategies for each study area.
Timeframe: August 2007 – November 2008

Arterial Rapid Transit Study
Client: Pace, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Prime Consultant: STV Incorporated

This project will study the proposed Pace Arterial Rapid Transit Network and recommend the most feasible corridors for successful Bus Rapid Transit service.  The role of MKC Associates is to provide technical expertise on the potential of each corridor to effectively operate bus rapid transit.  MKC Associates will analyze Pace ridership, service levels, transit connections, traffic generators and corridor infrastructure.
Timeframe: February 2008 – December 2008

Incorporating Bus Transit Service in Land Development Planning
Client: National Academy of Sciences, Transportation Research Board, Transit Cooperative Research 
Prime Consultant: MKC Associates
This publication identifies strategies and practices employed by transit properties that enable the successful integration of bus transit service into new developments.  It addresses how transit service planning for development takes place, and documents the design guidelines currently in use.  Transit agencies and other stakeholders provided input to describe the current state of the practice.
Timeframe: October 2005 – May 2006 (published November 2006)

Transit Improvement Study
Client: Village of Justice, Illinois
Regional Transportation Authority, Chicago, Illinois
Prime Consultant: HNTB Corporation

This project conducted a transit improvement study for the Village of Justice and was funded through the Regional Transportation Authority’s RTAP program.  The study analyzes rail and bus improvements within the Village in order to provide additional transportation options for Village residents.  The role of MKC Associates was to assess the current bus service available, recommend bus service and facility improvements, conduct a cost-benefit analysis of those improvements and recommend an implementation strategy.
Timeframe:  June 2006 – August 2007

Transit Service Implementation Plan for Rockton, Roscoe and South Beloit
Client: Village of Rockton, Village of Roscoe and City of South Beloit, Illinois
Prime Consultant: Vlecides-Schroeder Associates, Inc.
This project provided implementation assistance for a general public dial-a-ride system in northern Winnebago County, Illinois.  The project involved preparation of a request for proposal for contractor-operated services, assistance in contractor selection, and service start-up.  The role of MKC Associates was to prepare a service plan, operating cost estimates and a Request for Proposal for contracted service.
Timeframe: February 2007 – August 2007


Red, Orange and Yellow Line Extensions Alternatives Analysis
Client: Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago, Illinois
Prime Consultant: PB Americas, Inc.

This project will conduct an Alternatives Analysis for each of the three rail extensions desired by the CTA:  Red Line extension to 130th, Orange Line extension to Ford City shopping center, and Yellow Line extension to Old Orchard Road.  The role of MKC Associates is to perform operations planning activities for each of the three study areas.   This includes analysis of current and proposed bus services, review of BRT infrastructure and rail station facilities, and evaluation of advanced technologies to improve system performance.
Timeframe:  November 2006 – June 2009

Indianapolis Transit Alternatives Analysis
Client: City of Indianapolis, Indiana
Prime Consultant: HNTB Corporation

This project performed a transit alternatives analysis study for the Indianapolis area.  The objective was to narrow the 13 technology and alignment alternatives, developed in a previous study, to one or two alternatives for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) phase.  The role of MKC Associates was to assist in the definition and evaluation of alternatives, particularly with respect to the development of estimated running times, conceptual schedules, and operating and maintenance costs for the 13 alternatives.
Timeframe:  May 2007 – December 2007


Planning Transit Services that Meet Community Goals
Client: Surface Transportation Policy Partnership
Prime Cosultantant: MKC Associates
This project consisted of a webinar presentation and publication of a handbook.  The webinar presentation provided an overview of the planning process, the relationship between transit and land use, transit infrastructure, and policies and strategies.   The handbook provides an understanding of the elements of transit service planning and the development process.  It outlines best practices in response to stakeholder questions such as; what are the key factors to consider when coordinating between services, what type of zoning is supportive of transit, and how do agencies determine when to provide service.
Timeframe:  November 2007 – August 2008

Public Transportation Participation Program
Client: Federal Transit Administration, Washington, DC
Prime Consultant: Center for Tax and Budget Accountability
The Public Transportation Participation Pilot Program funds research to develop innovative approaches to public participation efforts related to planning transit projects.  This research project will evaluate public participation programs in four Illinois communities.  The role of MKC Associates is to interview stakeholders in the public participation process, develop case studies of successful practices, and present the findings.
Timeframe:  January 2008 – December 2008


System-Wide Origin Destination Survey
Client: Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago, Illinois
Prime Consultant: Resource Systems Group, Inc.
This project conducted a system-wide, on-board origin destination survey for CTA’s bus and rail networks.  The results of this survey will be used to support the modeling efforts required for FTA New Start submissions.  Results are also intended for planning studies currently underway and planned in the near future.  MKC Associates provided oversight, quality control and acted as local agent.
Timeframe:  January 2007 – December 2007

Limited English Proficiency Study
Client: Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago, Illinois
Prime Consultant: NuStats
The purpose of this project was to conduct data collection and outreach efforts to identify the predominant foreign languages and dialects spoken in the service area, obtain pertinent travel information from limited English proficiency (LEP) populations, and determine if LEP status is an obstacle to transit use.   The role of MKC Associates was to conduct the literature review, provide support to the research plan and qualitative analysis, and supply local insight into the overall project.
Timeframe:  March 2008 – August 2008


Mary Kay Christopher